Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Winter Wonderland

It will surprise no one, that we here in Münsterland have gotten plenty of the white glory, right? And even now as I write this post, again thick, cotton flakes falling from the sky.

The garden is buried under the white splendor of the snow and actually fits it better than at any time in the holiday season. Only the car driving ...

I hope that our fish are doing well under the thick layer of ice. Last year we had bought a Eisfreisprudler, which should allow the fish a hole in the ice and thus a regulated supply of oxygen. After we have seen on television a report in which it was stated that just the constant circulation of water for the animals to be dangerous because the cold upper layers are continuously mixed with the warmer lower layers, we have studied the use of this unit distance.

And yet, all fish survived the last extreme winter. How do you think of it because with your ponds and fish?

The snow brings new impressions produced in the garden. The carrying balls fall in the summer not so much in the eye, but now they really stand out with their snow caps.

And the book node makes itself quite well in ice and Snow, right? Certainly the sight of snow-covered nodes will improve in the coming years, the higher the plants ... .. If the fungus can still be what book they left ;-(

these young fellows, we have built on the last weekend in only ten minutes and placed at our front door, the snow was - in stark contrast to last Winter - such a wet and sticky, that were to shape in no time at huge balls Let's see how long he will welcome our visitors welcome

Finally, a look inside the house on the sideboard... in the dining area have gathered all the "golden" decorative elements. The filled bags I simply turned from very old books and wrapped with packing tape and a Glanzbildchen. As a filling I used cinnamon sticks and star anise, which now make a great seasonal scents.


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